After over a decade of contributing to the business world as employees, the founders created K&D Interactive in 2011, based on their experience of how to properly build things and a clear idea of what works and what doesn't in the real world.

Ultimately the passion for application development is the driving force for the business and in addition it is a way to give back to the public, by developing a series of original concepts only a small agile team with experience can deliver.


Although we are a small group of people, we believe we can tackle the biggest challenges and have the courage to back our ambition.

In a true artistic approach we want to test and challenge conventions, even if we have to break them. But we preserve the highest of respect for standards.

We believe that collaboration is the heart of innovation and that knowledge should be shared...


Most projects use the web as their main platform. We focus mainly on two programming languages, JavaScript & PHP. We use Node.js for server-side logic whenever reasonable and rely either on a BUJH (Backbone, Underscore, jQuery, Handlebars) structure or WebGL for the client side.

We also love big data and like to utilize popular APIs whenever possible.

Above all we want to be up to speed with the current trends (if not creating them) and always follow best practices.


Our productions range from simple services to entertaining apps but one of our ongoing objectives is to use our experience in web development to enrich the video game industry by introducing more real time game mechanics.

We want to establish best practices, current technologies like Node.js and like to utilize popular APIs.


The company is based in the heart of San Francisco. We interact with the web tech community on a daily basis and support other people's efforts whenever the opportunity arises.

Apart from our "regular" business, K&D Interactive is actively sponsoring two open communities, "" for the development and distribution of open source components and "" for the collaborative development of video games.

The two communities have a series of projects hosted on Github that are already publicly available.